Posted by: hightides | February 12, 2013

When it says, “GMO, GMO, GMO on the label label label”

You wondered why something that sounds so simple, like “label all foods that contain Genetically Modified Organisms” isn’t passing at the state level? We assumed it was just because Monsanto was threatening lawsuits and pumping bazillions of dollars into the lawmakers’ pockets. Uh uh. It’s because a whole lot more of the foods on the shelves have GMO products than you ever imagined.

There are currently only three fruits or vegetables that are GMO: the “Sunset” papaya, the New Leaf potato (which even McDonald’s wouldn’t buy so it’s been scratched), and some zucchini (although why anyone would buy this at the grocery is a question…).

However…. (this should be in 72 point type…)


In your cereal, snack goods, muffins, pancake mix, pizza, baby foods, meat products, taco shells, corn chips, tortillas, and BEER. Also the prime ingredient in many of the popular dog foods (which is interesting because dogs can’t process corn unless it’s very finely processed, which turns it into a glycemic nightmare).


Find this in salad dressing, soup, cheese, non-dairy creamer, whipped topping, infant formula, bread, cereals, pasta. Then there’s the soy protein isolates — manufactured by Glidden (yeah, think about that one…) — that are added to meat products to increase the protein values. Soy protein concentrates are added to most baked good and breakfast cereals for the same protein numbers. You read the label, see it’s higher in protein, ta-da you buy the product. Oh, and if you’re looking for gluten free? It’s GMO soybeans. Can’t win.


Oils are added to nearly everything baked, prepared, processed. Where does the oil come from? GMO corn, soybeans, canola, and cotton. Time to stick to imported olive oil?

Fructose, glucose syrups, and high fructose syrup

GMO corn and GMO beets.


GMO beets (about half of all sugar in the US is from sugarcane, which is not GMO so far.)


Okay, what do you think they feed cattle? Yup. GMO corn.

So, back to the first paragraph. Who is paying to block the labelling of GMO in our foods? Nearly every food processor in the U.S. I’ve always said when you want to know why someone is pushing something at you to ‘follow the money.’ In this case you can just walk down the grocery aisles and see who is paying to stop the legislation. On every shelf.

Transparency is a bugger, isn’t it?



  1. So far cold pressed Sunflower oil seems to be safe.  But that wonderful ear of sweet corn you found with the shucks still on just begging to go home with you?  Yep!  Now GMO most likely.

    Know your farmer, Know your food isn’t just a slogan…it is a prescription.  (Pay the farmer now…or the pharmacy later.)   Check out the happenings at Prairie House:



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