Posted by: hightides | January 3, 2013

A Room of Her Own…

“a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction” — Virginia Woolf

Woolf’s lament that women get caught up in the day to day stuff and, because they have no money of their own (depending on men to provide), no place to work (as the “home” often belongs to someone else) can apply even today.  I depend on Kip to feed, house, and clothe me and in return I cook, garden, feed the dogs, and all the other daily things that keep us going. 

My stepmother, Judy, has a room of her own tucked in the woods behind their house. My Dad and brother built it several years ago with glass all around and windows that open it to the sounds and smells of the Michigan woods. She has a bed for guests, a few chairs, music, a little heater, and I think she has her loom out there now, too. It’s cozy in spite of all the glass. At night you don’t feel that anyone is looking in at you– did I mention there are no drapes or curtains? — as the dark becomes your walls. Peaceful. A lovely spot to curl up with a book. Good dreams happen there.

So, I want a room of my own.  I like the feel of the little house in my previous post and I’m wondering if I could build it myself. It would have to be from recycled materials as there is nothing in the budget for this fantasy. I think I’d make the windows bigger to take in the views on the pond  (time out while I pray for rain…), and I’d like a little porch for my rocker.

What’s it like inside?  I’d like a tiny wood stove to warm it in the winter. A little gas stove to make tea or soup. A really comfortable chair for reading or thinking or napping. A work table that folds up for storage, and a stool to go with it. Shelves for books. The bench by the door and the hanging basket (see the photo). A little split rail fence around it. A tiny flower bed. A total get-away without leaving the farm.

I think I’ll start collecting boards…


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