Posted by: hightides | January 1, 2013

If Nancy can do it…

so can I!

Our friend Nancy, of Cordero Farms, has pledged to post more this year.  She reads this blog and we read her blog, so maybe the two of us can nudge each other to write more this year.


High Tides & Green Fields grows about 125 different pepper varieties each year. Some are just for fresh eating, like Golden Summer Bells, Cubanelle, and Sweet Cayenne. Many are grown for drying and then grinding into gourmet pepper powders.<BR>

Pepper powders can be very mild heat — like Paprika — or very, very hot like Smoked Habanero or Serrano. Each has a unique flavor to complement your cooking style. If you make inspired stir-fry, Shishito and Kung Pao may work; if you’re into TexMex, you’ll want to try Cochiti or Chipotle. <BR>

This past year we have started to develop spice mixes (that we use at home) for you to try. We think you’ll get lots of “Wow!” using our Cacao Rubs (we source the cacao nibs from KAF coffee), and our new Taco Seasoning (contains blue cornmeal from P Bar Farms). <BR>


(end background)

Now to the winter seed ordering…

I think I posted about seeds and seed packets a while back.  It hasn’t changed. I still love the shiny catalogs, the stacks of seed packs, making lists, sending orders, waiting for the packages to start filling the mailbox. Too fun.  I’ve ordered about a dozen peppers we’ve never tried before:  Pueblo Pepper, Petit Marseillais, Tunisian Balouti, and Ampuis are a few of them.  Also have sent a request to the national seed bank looking for a particular Syrian pepper before it disappears in Syria. I’ll do a comparison of peppers in the entire region.

New this year— we’re adding another farmers’ market, the OK Food Co-op market in the old Farmers Market building on South Klein. The Co-op market is set up in the former Sterling’s Market.  Good location and we’re looking forward to joining in the growth in that area of OKC.

Old this year — We still haven’t put up the “last” hoophouse or built the Nobel Foundation raised beds.  I think those are the two biggest projects this year. If the hot weather holds off, maybe we can get something rolling this summer. These two lead me to my annual wish list (I don’t do resolutions — just wish lists…)


A “room of her own” on the edge of the pond

Quadcopter with camera

corner base cabinet

flour mill– hand crank Victorio


Finish scanning photo project

Bookshelf/tv wall in living room

stove pipe for workshop

A/C for workshop

A/C for living room

Ikea upgrades

RV A/C cover


I’m going to leave this list without explanations.  It’ll give me incentive to write the next post!shed with shed




  1. I’m glad you felt ‘nudged,’ and also glad you’ll hold me accountable. The only thing on my wish list right now? RAIN. (and that wish is good for all year long…)

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