Posted by: hightides | May 17, 2011

It’s all relative

Late? You mean the magic garden and its errant gardener are LATE this year? Egad. Oh my. Whatever are we going to do. Geegollygosh.

Well, I can’t say as the weather has been very helpful. I could also say that I’ve been up to my elbows transplanting plants. I could tell you about the loss of a gardener, cutting us back to just two.  I could also add that with nearly no rain this year, what’s the point. There are lots of reasons and excuses and whyfors and wherehows, but the simple truth is that by the calendar, I’m late getting my peppers and tomatoes in.

Yesterday I planted the second batch of peppers – 240 plus – with the bells planted last week, I’m at 360ish. Only 900 to go! Progress. Tomorrow I’ll try to get another row installed after picking for the Co-op delivery. I’m pretty sure where my limited number of tomatoes are going to go, but I can see it’ll be another week before they’re in. This is the END of May and they should have been in by the first of the month. Dang it.

Well, maybe I’ll plant more in the hoophouses and keep them growing until Thanksgiving or Christmas? Hmmmm…. maybe I’m not as “late” as I think today…


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