Posted by: hightides | March 10, 2011

It happened again…

What is it about being a farmer?  This is not my first career, nor my second or third. I’ve actually had several careers in my life: graphic designer/typesetter, newspaper publisher, professional secretary, office manager, as well as sheep farming, cab driving, office temping.  I’ve worked in groceries, restaurants, radio stations, engineering firms, banks, retail stores, warehouses, brokerage firms, law offices, law and business schools — really, Harvard no less. One summer, I even drove the little clown car at the race track. Yes, in a clown suit.

I’ve called this current phase my retirement job, and I guess it is.  Kip is now retired from his 35 year career and we’re growing vegetables not just for ourselves, but for two farmers’ markets each week, for the Oklahoma Food Co-op, for sales to small markets and restaurants. Last summer we also supplied vegetables to a CSA with 30 members. We call ourselves “market gardeners” which means that we sell what we grow. But we could as easily be called truck farmers or veg growers. The label doesn’t really matter, I guess, just the output.

So, back to the title of this piece– “It happened again…”  someone assumed that because I’m a farmer that I’m an uneducated, impolite boob. He thought it was perfectly awful of me to insist that our farm name be removed from an advertising piece he was displaying on his website. We had never given our consent for the use of our farm name and I asked that it be removed. Yes, I was forceful.  I asked that it be removed immediately. So, now I’m an ignorant farmer who doesn’t know how to compose a business letter, forceful or not. :::sigh::::

Good thing they didn’t know that at Harvard Business School, eh?


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