Posted by: hightides | February 17, 2011

Officially nuts

I just sent my tomato list to the Tomatomania Yahoo group and it hit me how nuts this list really is.  I need to scale it back, I know…

Maybe next year?

Here it is:

Amish Paste, Amish Salad, Amy’s Sugar Gem, Arkansas Traveller, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Baxter’s Bush Cherry, Beefsteak, Better Boy, Black Cherry, Black Mauri, Black Plum, Blush, Bolseno F1, Box Car Willie, Brandywine Pink, Burbank Red Slicing, Camp Joy/ Chadwick, Campbell’s 1327, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Stripes, Costoluto Fiorentino, Costoluto Genovese, Crimson Cushion/Beefsteak, Cuor de Bue, Debarao, Dr. Carolyn, Early Girl, Early Red Chief, Early Wonder, Evergreen, Fox Cherry, Ghost Cherry, Golden Jubilee, Green Doctors, Green Grape, Green Zebra, Hartman’s Gooseberry, Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa, Homestead, Isis Candy, Ivory Egg, Juliet, Large Red (not cherry), Large Red Cherry, Legend, Lemon Boy, Lime Green Salad, Maglia Rosa Cherry, Margot, Mini Orange, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripey, Mule Team, Orange & Green Zebra, Orange Strawberry, Pantano Romanesco, Pearly Pink Cherry, Pearson, Pierce’s Pride, Prairie Fire, Principe de Borgese, Prize of the Trials, Purple Calabash, Red Pear Cherry, Red Target, Red Zebra, Reif Red Heart, Rio Grande, Roma VF, Rouge d’Irak, Rutger’s Select, Rutgers, San Marzano, Silvery Fir Tree, Sioux, Snow White Cherry, Snowberry, Solar Fire, Sophie’s Choice, Success, Sun Gold, Sungella, Super Suncherry, Sweet Chelsea, Tangella, Taxi/ Yellow Taxi, TC Jones, Thai Pink Cherry, Thai Pink Round, Thai Yellow Egg, Tigerella, Topaz/ Huan U, Unas Yellow Cherry, Violet Jasper/ Tzi Bi U, Virginia Sweets, White Cherry, Wickline Cherry, Window Box Roma, Yellow Pear, Zapotec

My favorites?  Black Plum for sauce and freezing, Cherokee Purple for fresh eating, Sungold for snacking in the garden.




  1. Dev, Have you thought about going for counseling???

    • Well, Jo, yes. But my tomato-seed-swapping-friend Ray in NM has a saying on his wall, “My therapist is a tomato plant.”

      Somehow I don’t see a cure, do you?

  2. Phew! Are you running for Grand Poobah of Tomatomania? That’s an impressive list!

    • I remember the years I was growing 100+ varities for our family…..Well cut back to 85, then 65, 45, and this year most likely 24. Two people can only eat so many tomatoes, and now the kids have their own gardens.


  3. Dev

    Congratulations for taking your passion for tomatoes to higher levels
    Glad we could help with inspiring the dream.

    Mary-Anne, list mom

    • inspire??? It’s ALL your fault! LOL!! Thanks, M-A.

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