Posted by: hightides | January 5, 2011

End of the Tunnel?

The plan today is to install the top cover of the hoophouse.  The second roll-up side was finished yesterday and we only had to adjust it twice to get it tight. We are now experts at this and, if we had one more to do, we could have it up in about an hour. This one took two as we were trying an alternate idea for making sure it lined up. It almost worked!

Today’s install is a piece of greenhouse poly that’s about 32′ x 50′ — a huge sail if there’s any wind. Today’s forecast is for nearly windless, so we think we can do this without additional helpers. We have a plan. We have the incentive. We have the chutzpah. What more do we need?

Film at 11.



  1. Pictures? Are you going to be able to pay off the farm with your proceeds from America’s Funniest Home Videos?

    • No vid and any funny ones would have led to instant dissolution of this partnership! Photos later today when the doors are hung and the inspector has signed our paperwork. I may even have time to plant a couple of token seeds.

      • Dev, what do you mean by “inspector” signing your paperwork? Did you have to get a permit to put up the hoop house or is the inspector from Dept of Ag for horticultural sales, or what???

      • This hoophouse was partially funded by the USDA Conservation Service EQIP program. We had to build it to their guidelines and will maintain it per their guidelines for three years. Before getting the funding, the entire structure had to be built and approved by the CS agent. He came on Thursday and we are now approved. Tilling and planting will start immediately.
        For this size structure, the funding was about half of the total spent. We opted for a stronger framework than a typical hoophouse and also bought roll-up sides for summer ventilation.

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