Posted by: hightides | January 4, 2011

Fulfilling a Horoscope

About 35 years ago, a friend did my complete horoscope. I accept that I’m a hard-headed Scorpio, but otherwise don’t pay much attention to this kind of forecasting (I mostly concentrate on weather forecasts).  But her reading said that my strongest areas were the need to teach, and to ask the questions no one else would ask.


When you come to visit our farm, I’ll walk you through every corner — the good, the bad, and the ugly — for as long as you keep asking questions. We are very well-versed in season extension techniques and have used almost all of the current ideas. You’ll learn a lot about how to keep plants alive through the winter.


If you knew me when I lived in Vermont, you wouldn’t sit next to me at the annual Town Meeting. I’d be up and down asking every question under the sun until the final vote. My first town meeting taught me to always ask why we were passing over the repairs to the town offices in favor of the shiny, new firetruck. (Need vs. want and not enough funds for both.)  Nowadays I pester the board members of the Oklahoma Food Co-op asking “why?” all the time, which doesn’t endear me, I’m sure.


So to the point of this post…


My friends Nancy and Sue at Cordero Farms ( have made a resolution to post something every day in their blog. I’m trying to follow suit as it’s a good idea for many, many reasons.  But we don’t have the entertainment value of lambs being born, although sprouting pepper plants will generate some excitement in early February. So yesterday while I was sending some links to Bob Waldrop for his compendium  (, it occurred to me that some of these things I stumble across might be entertaining for other people, too.

So here are five links that I’ve “discovered” in the last four days.  I’ll try to add to this list as the year goes on and maybe we’ll all learn something!


A collection of videos on aquaponics


An interesting Google search:        raised bed garden


Another interesting Google search:       Keyhole garden  (follow some of the links on African gardens for more information)


Bet you didn’t know anyone did this:


A labor of love:

So, pour another cup of coffee and go learn something!





  1. Love the heirloom link! The cuteness factor on the lambs is nice, but the work increases exponentially with each one born x)

    Would love to see: more pics of the farm, more news about Middleburg and Grady county, more of your pontifications on g-mint and food safety, more of your hopes/thoughts/dreams about the co-op, farmers markets, etc.

    You don’t need no stinkin’ lambies!

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