Posted by: hightides | December 27, 2010

Seed Catalogs


All my favorite seed catalogs have now arrived — except one — and my Post-It supply is going down fast.  I mark all the pages with varieties I want to try with little flags and then highlight the description on the page. Messy, but it works.


My tomato seed list is now on paper — spreadsheet to follow — so I know what I have in stock and what needs to be ordered in the next couple of weeks.  Next will be the pepper lists and then the early spring lists for things like beets and peas. My ordering is only limited by my reduced bank balance at this time of year.  There’s little income and lots of out-go and I generally spend whatever I make within minutes of a deposit to the checking account. This will be my mode until plant days the first of April.


We’ve also had time to brew some ale (from a kit) and do some blending of the blackberry wine (2009) to make it drinkable. Also put the sand plum juice into the primary to start another wine. Presents have been received and sent. Cards didn’t get written again this year, but we’ve talked to all the family and most of the friends and expressed our wishes in person. We even got to Skype with my son & daughter-in-law and their new baby, Jack (who I get to meet in a couple of weeks). It’s a time for long naps, stacks of catalogs, lengthy phone calls, and blogging.


We may be able to finish the new big hoophouse this week as the temps will be going back up tomorrow. Critical is a 50°+ day to get the top poly on the structure. The warmer weather lets the plastic stretch a bit so it’ll be drum tight during cold days and nights. I’m really pushing to get this done this week, because we’re out of range of warm days until March. This week is just a happy bonus.  And, I like to plant some things on New Year’s Day– after living in Vermont for 25 years where New Year’s Day is usually so cold your truck won’t start, it’s a real joy to put seeds in the ground (okay, it’s in the hoophouse where it’s 85 during the day…) and know that they’re actually going to grow.


Anyway, I started this entry to talk about the tomatoes that are left from the last picking in November. Six weeks ago we stripped all the plants and had 4 or 5 small picking boxes of green tomatoes saved from the first big frost. These boxes have found their way into the kitchen, one at a time, since then and today I realized that the last box is sitting on the ledge. I ate about seven cherry tomatoes with breakfast this morning (something I do all summer), and the flavor was still outstanding. One tomato that I hate growing because the tomatoes fall to the ground if you even look at the plant, has lasted in nearly pristine condition through six weeks of terrible conditions.  They should not be this good—  but they are. And in another day or two, the last 2010 tomato will be eaten…


…probably the same day I send the first tomato seed order for 2011.


Dev in OK

zone 7a





  1. yep, I ate the last ‘mater yesterday. Still so delicious and yet such a sad thing. Come on Spring! I’m so jealous of you this time of year with your spring so much closer than ours. But come summer when you are sweltering and I’m just sweating, it will make up for it. LOL

    • Jo, The trick is to actually like the heat. I go out and garden every day even when it’s 105. It’s THIS time of year I can’t stand! However, it was 85 in the greenhouse today– very comfortable. Happy New Year! Dev

      High Tides & Green Fields LLC

      Middleberg, OK

      “We grow beautiful food.”



    • But, Jo! It’s a dry heat! tee hee

  2. I hope you get the plastic on the hoophouse this week. The forecast for the new year ain’t lookin’ so hot 😦

    • Keep your fingers crossed! We still have to figure out the roll-up sides…

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