Posted by: hightides | August 12, 2010

Season Extension on a Budget — Field Day — October 9


On Saturday, October 9th, High Tides & Green Fields will host a field day — “Season Extension on a Budget” at the farm in Middleberg, OK. In the morning we will be building a cattle panel hoophouse, a design that is particularly suited to Oklahoma’s high winds and ice storms, then, following a local foods lunch, we will be doing a walkabout to look at several season extension techniques currently in use at High Tides. Discussing suitable crops, using natural insulation, double covers, ventilation & watering, and ways to deal with Oklahoma weather.

Cattle panel hoophouses are an inexpensive structure that can be built to any length (our experience is up to 48′) and can be constructed without special equipment or materials. Cattle panels are welded wire, 16’x52″ sections available at farm and ranch stores. Our design makes it possible for one person to erect the structure using basic tools; two people can erect and cover an entire house in one day. The result is a structure with 75% of the square footage available for in-ground planting and snug enough to grow in all winter.

In the afternoon, we will be stressing low cost solutions to growing food “out of season.” Handouts will include a complete construction plan book for the cattle panel house, source lists for materials, suggested reading and website sources, suggested crops for winter production.

Registration starts at 8:30. Construction starts at 9. Lunch at noon. Walkabout at 1:15. Head for home by 3:15.

Cost is $30 per person/ $55 per couple– includes coffee, tea, cider and doughnuts, and local foods lunch.

All foods will be locally sourced, except tea and spices. Lunch will be vegetarian stew, salad, sandwich meat and cheese options.

Please note that High Tides Farm is not child-friendly. This event may be hazardous to small fingers and we ask that you do not bring anyone under the age of 12. We have an open pond, many natural hazards, and poisonous plants and animals.

A complete syllabus is available on request: HIGHTIDESOK@GMAIL.COM

Note:  A photo of the cattle panel hoophouse was posted earlier.  Scroll down to see it.


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