Posted by: hightides | June 3, 2010

Giving away the plants

By this time of year we’re all tired of watering potted plants to keep them alive for another 24 hours. If you turn your back for even 20 minutes, some plant dries up and dies. We have tubs at every corner of the greenhouse to drop dead plants into. All those cute, tiny little seedlings are now monsters that give us all nightmares — did I remember to water the eggplant? did I get the outdoor flats watered? — enough!!!

Today I posted in Freecycle to give away the last of the pepper and tomato plants. Find new homes, kids, because after Saturday you’re going to the compost bin. Last call for Ixtapa Jalapeños, Jupiter Bells, and Chichen Itzen habaneros!! There’s not another cage for an extra tomato plant, so away they go!

Bless the first lady that came today… she filled her trunk with plants.

The boys just tilled up another area where I can plant some peppers, but do I really need more than 1200 plants?  I may have reached my limit…



  1. Dang it, Dev, I wished I had read your post a few hours ago! I *just* got home from Tuttle 😦 Posting the notice on Freecycle was a great idea. BTW, our strawberry plants we bought from y’all through the co-op are doing great!

  2. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy– you really need to plan on coming by before heading back north. There’s always something fun going on around here!

  3. HA! True that. I’m going to be back down there within the next two weeks, and I’ll give you a holler. Though I should come by *before* I pickup the hay so I’m not draggin’ 6 tons of it around your place. Hey–we ate the first Albion strawberry last night. DELISH!

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