Posted by: hightides | April 26, 2010

Our last Saturday until October

On May 1st the farmers’ market season begins. Markets are every Saturday morning and Tuesday evenings. This year Dom will cover Midwest City on Saturday while I do Blanchard, Tuesdays Kip and I will cover Midwest City while Dom’s in school. By the time we get home on Saturday, we’ve all pretty much had it for the week. Sunday is indeed a day of rest– usually the only one we get for the week.

With the Native Roots Garden Club (CSA), and three markets, and the Oklahoma Food Co-op, and delivering to restaurants and markets, it can get pretty busy (crazy) around here. Both Dom and Kip are worried about when we’re going to do what and when we’ll have time to actually garden/plant/weed/water. I’m mentally working on a schedule that gives each of us some time off during the week– last year I took Wednesday afternoons — and still juggle the deliveries, picking/packing, selling.

One key ingredient to be added this year is refrigeration so produce that can be picked ahead can be kept chilled until delivery, and produce unsold at market can be kept over to the next market where possible. Kip is encouraging building a cool room in the new shop building and keeping things cold with an A/C and CoolBot set up. This would work well if the room is right next to the garage door so we could drive in to load/unload. I was thinking a used refrigerator (which wouldn’t be big enough, I admit). Add “logistician” to our list of jobs…

Anyway, we frittered our last Saturday until fall. We were kind of down from losing one of our dogs to a long illness, so we didn’t do much. Napping was in order. For now, we look forward to opening day at market, filling our tote bags with essentials, deciding what we’ll harvest this week, and planning the new cool room.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be working on that schedule so I can escape the “serendipity” label that’s attaching itself to my forehead.



  1. Hey Dev, so sorry to read about your dog. Always hard to lose them, even if you know it’s coming.

    Let me know how you like the CoolBot–I’m thinking about it for refrigerating a cheese aging room.

  2. Thanks, Nanc. Emmy was a sweetie who loved to jump fences and patrol the whole neighborhood. She chased coyotes, caught mice, and would sing with Celine Dion. She’ll be missed.

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