Posted by: hightides | March 31, 2010

Sweet night air

Last night was the first with a bedroom window open all night. A little breezy, but at 58F it was a perfect temperature for snuggling under the winter covers that are still on the bed and have the benefit of fresh air coming in.

It got me thinking about “fresh” air. We’re amazingly fortunate here in OK to have really BLUE skies and no major sources of air pollution. In mid-summer we might get some brown-out from dust storms, but usually the skies are clear and an amazing blue. This time of year –SPRING! — the grass all smells green, the peach blossoms are perfuming the air, and the spring birds are singing their silly love songs.

The mockingbird arrived on Monday morning and went right to work singing all the songs he learned over the winter. We had a Natural Resources Conservation Service inspection on Monday and we were asked about the Eastern Red Cedars we allow on our property. Well, we only have 5 or 6 and we mow down any new volunteers, but we leave the big ones for the mockingbirds and cardinals that like to nest in the cedars. As they are the loudest songsters this time of year, I vote to have the birds and battle the cedar seedlings. Last year the mockingbird made us all laugh as he must have wintered near the ocean– all of his songs were from seagulls. High Tides indeed!


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