Posted by: hightides | March 21, 2010

Just when you start thinking…

that spring is finally here, it comes back and smacks you upside the head and gives you a whole 24 hours of blowing cold with drifting snow, ice, cold, snow, and very, very cold. I’ve had it!

On the bright side, we harvested our first hydroponic lettuces and they were just beautiful. I’m hoping that growing them in warmer weather (yeahsureyoubetcha) will make the maturity a lot less than 60 days though. I can schedule around 45 days (I’d rather 30, but then), but 60 is kind of long.  The water wasn’t heated at all which likely slowed the growth. I’m taking an aquaponics class next weekend (just add fish) and will be interested to see what the optimum growing temps are.

The bulldozer is scheduled to arrive early this week to cut the pad for the workshop, then Kip is out of town for a week, and then the shop building crew arrives. Very exciting! It’s going to be a big shop-30×50- so we can bring vehicles in for maintenance and I’ll have space when I finally build my teardrop trailer. (one of those bucket list items…) The shop will have an attached tractor barn, so four buildings are coming down when this building goes up. We have a yard-long list of things that will get built as soon as there’s a workshop to build them in.

Pray for sun and warmer weather!


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