Posted by: hightides | February 15, 2010

More Snow

So, I get it that Oklahoma is trying for the most-snow-in-a-winter record, but this is just silliness. How am I supposed to plant anything? The soil is wet, the wind is cold, and we’ve had two days of sun in the last three weeks.

On the growing side of things:  Lots of seeds are germinating in the trays, with a few peppers left to go. The early tomatoes will start this week– the ones that will go into a hoophouse with milk jug cloches. The greenhouse is full of strawberry plants and gutter sections of lettuces.

The hydro lettuce isn’t doing as well as I had hoped but is slowly growing. It could be the fertilizer mix in the water or just the cold temps. I don’t have enough experience with it yet to know. The scallions have good roots, but small shoots so far.  The strawberries in the hydro look just about the same as the potted ones. Lots of experiments.



  1. Love to hear about the successes! I can’t wait to see my tomatoes/peppers/strawberries!

    I’m just about at the end of my patience with this weather. I’d take my hair dryer out to the garden if I thought it would help…

    • Bring the hairdryer. We will issue plant credits for each hour of thawing.

      Actually today and tomorrow are looking good for thaw and soil amending and maybe some tilling by tomorrow afternoon. It’s time to get some spinach seed in the ground!

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