Posted by: hightides | January 13, 2010

Beautiful Food


Fall greens

Our tagline is

“We Grow Beautiful Food!”

We don’t ship bruised, malformed, dented, diseased, or ugly fruit. We believe that every vegetable is valuable, so the bruised, malformed, etc… go into our freezers and sauces. We sell the best we grow and we eat the rest. 

We also try to buy seeds for the most beautiful vegetables and fruits. Each year we try something new: red okra, an obscure hot pepper, a tomato that is supposed to like hot, dry summers. One year we’ll plant 25 different melons just to see which ones will do well here. The next year, we’ll trial all the pole beans we can find. This year we’re trying to find the best way to grow tomatillos and we’re adding lots of flowers to the vegetable gardens.

So why “beautiful food”?  We had a loyal customer at the Chickasha Farmers’ Market that would come to our booth and exclaim over our colorful assortment of peppers, “Oh!! You have such beautiful food! I want to buy all your beautiful food!” We didn’t know her name, but would refer to her as Beautiful Food (her name is Vivian, BTW). When I took a marketing class at OSU, I invented the tagline as one of my assignments. The tagline stuck and we’ve been using it ever since.



  1. I hope one day our gardens look this nice and organized!

    • Jo,

      The secret is to take the photos immediately after the boys finish cleaning up, and turn the lens away from the tomato cages with dead plants in them.

      Works every time.


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