Posted by: hightides | October 27, 2008

Hello from Middleberg, Oklahoma

We didn’t really need a blog… we really need a website. This will do for the time being and maybe we can expand it to website status by spring?

About us: Kip & Dev with three dogs and a cat and, for the present, a turkey named BuckBuck. We grow beautiful vegetables which are sold through the Oklahoma Food Co-op (, Native Roots Market (, the Blanchard Farmers’ Market, and the Chickasha Farmers’ Market. We started out with a small garden patch in 2004 and are now gardening about an acre plus the hoophouses.*

* More on these later.



  1. Are you still sellling plants in the Spring? I had recieved the best tomato and hot pepper plants from you a couple of years ago.


    • Hi Michelle,

      Absolutely! We’re planning several plant days this year– at least two at the farm and one at Native Roots Market. We have a new greenhouse and will be expanding to herb and flower plants as well as the peppers and tomatoes. If there’s anything special you’d like us to grow, just let us know!


      • Fabulous! I am planning my garden “wish list” this month and if it is ok will forward to you this week?

  2. Michelle,
    Yes! We’ve started placing orders. Peppers will be Friday or Saturday, so now is the time!


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