High Tides & Green Fields is a 9-acre farm in Middleberg, Oklahoma.  Kip Francis and Dev Vallencourt have been farming here since 2004.  The farm focus is chile peppers– some hot, some very hot, some very mild.  The focus has changed over the years and is now mostly peppers to be dehydrated and ground into powders.  (You probably have cayenne or paprika on your spice shelf– we grow all the other ones.)

The farm is our retirement “job.” Some days we work very hard, other days not so much. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy bringing the heated flavors of the world to our customers.  We grow beautiful food!

Our powders are sold in single-variety mini coozie bottles.  Just tap out how much you need.  We also have hot salts, citrus hot salts, rubs, and a few blends.  We smoke some of our chiles to bring out their unique flavors– our favorites are Smoked Serrano and Smoked Poblano– and always have an ample supply of Chipotle chiles.

Our growing practices are simple:  you must be able to eat directly from the garden without washing.  We use organic seaweed juice and fish emulsion to fertilize. A little compost here and there. Straw mulch. Drip water lines when the rain isn’t enough. Insects are rarely a problem, but there are organic answers to nearly all.

We currently sell at the monthly farmers’ market at OU Children’s Hospital (first Thursday of the month, 11-2), the Oklahoma Food Co-op (oklahomafood.coop), and an occasional  special event. And now we’re attempting a commercial website so you may buy direct at any time.  We hope you enjoy our beautiful food along with us.



  1. Do you sell the plants or just the peepers I was want to buy some seedlings but I would buy peppers if I must. I was going to send my bosss of there cause he lives in Blanchard. I was wonder the prices on trinadad scorpions and Carolina reapers. So I can give him money.

    • Hi, Tom. Our price on Scorpion, Reaper, Ghost, and Fatalii plants is $5 each. All other pepper plants are $2 at the farm in Middleberg. They are ready to go now. Send us an email at hightidesok@gmail.com with your name, phone, and what plants you’d like. If you need more info on plants we have this year, our Facebook page is High Tides & Green Fields. Plant descriptions are in “Notes”. Thanks!

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